Opt-in text messaging services are gaining users by the day. Over 91% of American adults have a cell phone, this means whatever your target market is you can reach it via text messaging. This is a simple and cost effective solution for businesses, charities, and other organizations to communicate with customers in real time. These messages can be used to keep in touch with customers as well as to advertise latest products and discounts. Customers who wish to use this service simply need to sign up with their favorite business – be it a movie theater, restaurant or a grocery store.

However, the question remains, why would users ‘opt in’ for such a service? The answer is simple: the benefits of doing so are immense. A large part of our daily routine involves communicating through our phones and text messages. Businesses understand this, and want to use the same means to communicate directly with customers. Electing to receive text messages from preferred businesses allows customers to be instantly updated about any promotional offer that the business is launching. Whether this is a discount, or a general advertisement about a new batch of products, members of the messaging list will be amongst the first to know. This will allow them to enjoy deals and discounts at their favorite shops and restaurant. In order to build their customer lists, business owners often choose to offer a promotion for opting in. Text: “Restaurant” To: “55555” to receive a free soft drink.
How do you start your very own text marketing campaign?

My Branding Partner can provide your business with tools which will connect you to your customers in a quick and easy way. Our mobile marketing services are active in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia. First, you are assigned a unique ‘keyword’. This keyword is advertised to customers who wish to sign up to receive text message updates. Customers simply need to send a text containing the keyword to a specific number called the ‘short code’. So, if customers shop at a particular shoe store that is also affiliated with us, they can follow offers by texting the keyword assigned to this store to our shortcode . The same principle applies to any other business; the keyword may change, but the short code remains constant.
My Branding Partner’s process significantly reduces the gap between you and your customer. Customers don’t have to wait until the weekly “advertiser” to know about the discounts at your store.

With a service as innovative as ours, your entire marketing strategy is bound to change. Our system offers businesses and consumers a win-win situation. For the avid shopper, this is the perfect way to always know where the best offers are, and they can save by grabbing early bird discounts on time. New businesses can use the system to attract customer attention, while well established ones can benefit by retaining customer loyalty. There are many other methods of mobile marketing and we will be touching on those in the future. Which ones would you like to learn more about? What are you doing that currently works? Leave a comment below and/or take advantage of our free Branding Analysis. Get your free Branding Score here.